January 19, 2018
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The People behind the Show:

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Marty Pulvers

At almost 67 years of age, Marty Pulvers has clearly found his niche, that being the world or briar pipe hobbyists, collectors and smokers. Having had a wide variety of jobs, and failing miserably in every one of them, Marty finally decided to match wits with people of his own mentality, pipe smokers, and was almost immediately placed on top of the heap.

For nearly 20 years, he owned and operated the retail shop Sherlock’s Haven, in San Francisco’s financial district. During that time he was named a Kapnismologist, a Doctor of Pipes and his store was given the honor of being named one of the “10 Best Tobacco Shops In The World” by Forbes Magazine online. In June of 2006 the shop’s doors were closed for good and as in Marty’s words: “thereby diminishing the quality of life on this planet no little and quite some.” Even though he left the retail world behind him, he was able to do it with his pants full of panache. He now operates an online store selling both new and estate pipes.

None of this life experience helped him wise up, so he agreed to help produce a pipe show for the West Coast Boys. You can see him working the floor in Las Vegas, pressing palms, shouting directions, giving advice and doing his best to keep his customers satisfied.

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Steve O’Neill

Steve O’Neill is passionate about pipes and is also an avid collector of them. Through the years he also amassed a collection of old pipe books, new pipe books and tobacco books as well. He loves to read about pipe and tobacco history. He looks forward to all the issues of “Pipes and Tobaccos” magazine and “The Pipe Collector”.

He has studied the engineering of pipes, inside and out. He was fortunate to have a friend who was the finest pipe restorer in the country. That friend was Jim Benjamin. Steve learned pipe restoration from Jim and now restores pipes for customers all over the country. He loves working in his shop and when he is not working on customers’ pipes he restores a few to sell.

You’ll see Steve on the show floor as well,. directing traffic and answering your numerous questions.